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Protective Coatings

IMS coating products are used in diverse industries as marine, oil and gas production, refining and petrochemical processing, infrastructure maintenance, general manufacturing, pulp and paper, and municipal water and waste treatment - currently only in the Trinidad markets.  Products provided by IMS includes zinc-rich primers, epoxy coatings, enamels, sealers, high-temperature coatings and moisture-cured urethanes. 

Industrial Marine Services (IMS) manufactures and markets a broad line of proprietary high-performance coatings, floorings and surfacing systems from Ameron under the trademarks Amercoat, Amerlock, Amershield, Amerthane, Dimecote, Tideguard, Nu-Klad and PSX.

Marine And Offshore Products

IMS offers a comprehensive line of fiberglass pipe products from Ameron under the trademarks Bondstrand, Dualoy, PSX and Centron for the chemical and industrial markets and for oilfield, service station fuel handling, offshore platform and marine applications.  The fiberglass pipe available is a cost-effect alternative to corrosion-prone metallic piping and non-reinforced thermoplastics.  The fiberglass pipe is particularly well-suited for general industrial services and chemical processing because of its ability to withstand higher temperatures and pressures than ordinary thermoplastics materials.

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